Terms and Conditions

Hotel Carmen
As through all business activities also a hotel room reservation is based on regulations. The customerĀ“s application and the acceptance of the room reservation by the hotel constitutes a contract between both parties. This contract may only be cancelled upon both parties agreement.

Resultant Terms and Conditions:

1. The contract comes into being upon the acceptance of the customerĀ“s application by the hotel and also if a room was provided for the customer without written confirmation due to short notice.
2. Both hotel and customer are liable under this contract to fulfill these terms and conditions regardless of the duration the contract was closed for.
3. The hotel undertakes to keep the rooms reserved by the customer available and to pay compensation in case of non-performance of the contract by the hotel.
4. If rooms are not used, the customer is obligated to pay the contractually agreed rate less 20% of the room rate for saved expenses.
5. In case of non-performance by the customer the hotel is obliged in good faith to endeavor to rent the rooms to a third party.
6. Until done so the customer is obligated to pay the calculated amount stated in paragraph 3 for the entire duration stated in the contract.
7. The sole court of jurisdiction is the registered seat of the hotel in Munich.

To avoid cancellation fees for our guests we recommend to transact a travel cancellation insurance.